How to Fix Non-system Disk or Disk error


Seeing an error message that says "Non-system disk or disk error" when you power on your computer means that your computer can't find windows in your hard drive and therefore it cannot continue to load Windows. This is very frustrating because you cannot use your computer until the problem is fixed.



Here are some simple trouble shooting tips you can follow to solve this "Non-system disk or disk error" error message. I presume you have some basic know how on some basic computer components, please check out PC Component for some basic guide on computer parts and accessories.


  1. Make sure that your computer is booting from your internal hard drive where Windows is installed. Check that your first boot device is your hard drive to do this go to CMOS setup by pressing "delete" or "F2" key when your PC is in Power-On-Self-Test (POST) status and check that your first boot device priority is set to your hard drive or HDD also check that your hard disk drive is detected by the system. If you have more than one drive connected to your computer you have to select the drive where windows is installed, usually it is installed on the primary hard drive and not the secondary hard drive but that will depend on the setup of the manufacturer when you first purchase your computer or you can just disconnect the cable on the other hard drive and let the only drive where windows is installed the only drive connected to your system or motherboard.

    Boot Device Priority


  3. Other possibilities is that your computer might be trying to load Windows from a removable media rather than from the hard disk inside your computer, remove any inserted or connected USB flash drives, digital cameras, memory cards also check for media that might be inserted on the floppy disk and CD/DVD drives.

  5. If instruction 1 and 2 doesn't fix the problem and the error still persist, there is a probability that some portion of your hard drive might be corrupt specially the boot sector of your hard drive. The remedy for this is to insert your windows installation disk and performing a repair of installation of windows. In this step you have to have your Windows CD/DVD installation disk at hand and boot on your CD/DVD drive. You can skip this procedure and go to the next procedure if you like.

  7. If instruction 1 to 3 doesn't fix the problem, then you have to open the casing of your computer and check for the cable connected to your hard drive. The error might be due to a loose connection between your motherboard and your hard drive. First of find the SATA cable inside your computer, if your hard drive is SATA drive. Check for IDE cable if you are using PATA Hard drive. If you are not familiar with Hard drives check out the Hard disk drive article on this site for more information. When you found the cable try removing it and then reseating the cable firmly, just be careful not to apply too much force that may cause something to break inside your computer, do this both on your hard disk drive and the motherboard.

  9. If instruction 1 to 4 doesn't fix the problem then your hard drive may have failed. If your hard drive has failed you have to replace your hard drive and you have to clean install windows on your new hard drive.

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Date : January 26, 2015
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